Green Rugs for Earth Sake

What are green rugs? I am not referring to rugs that are colored green or tinted by the said earth's color. What I am referring to is the area rugs made in natural materials like sisal rugs, bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and jute rugs. These are know to be weaved from different plant fibers and popular for being elegant, durable and stylish. It is preferred by a lot of interior designers and home owners around the world.

Why use green rugs? Green rugs are recommended to be used specially by earth crusaders who are concerned with the earth's benefits. The said rugs are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. With the different phenomena happening on the planet, using green rugs is our small contribution to help mother earth recover from the damage it got from the irresponsible activities of human race.

Where to buy them? One leading distributor of natural area/home rugs in the planet today is the Natural Home Rugs. You can visit their online store at They have several pre-made rugs and custom area rugs that will be very suited to those both picky on designs and concern on mother earth's sake.

Use green rugs today!


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