Latest Farmville Cheats and Tricks in Facebook and MySpace

There are a lot of games that you can play in Facebook and one of the highly played games based on the number of active users in one month is the Farmville. I first played this in Facebook but later found out that it is also available in other social networking sites like the MySpace. Now, there are a lot of cheats out there and some are asking you to download some sort of cheat engine programs and stuff but there are also some Farmville cheats/tricks that doesn't require you to have this engines. I found this one on Youtube (its not mine) and find it interesting.

Here's the said video, it shows some tricks involving exclusive gifts:

I want reiterate that I am not the owner of this video and just found it from Youtube. If you have any questions, reactions or feedback just leave it here and definitely some Farmvillians will surely answer your queries. For other Facebook game cheats, just visit the link on this line.

Start 2010 Right, Get a Web Design Right

Well 2009 is about to end and the year is one of the time that everyone would not forget. Specially with the economic problems encountered by different countries. That is the reason why you should start the new year right with your business. If you want to bring your business online and wants to be part of the elite netrepreneur world wide, your website should start right. It is important that you get a web design company that can cater to every needs of your company in terms of technical specifications of your site from the site structure to the contents and site promotion.

In finding a company, determine their expertise based on what they can provide. The services, the portfolio and the testimonies are one of the concrete evidence of their masterpiece. Inquire to their web design and other services that they can provide. Its free so there's no problem with that. Having information about the scope of their work is your advantage.

Sikat ang Pinoy at Laganap Released

A new website was released this month containing information about the different achievements and success of Filipino's worldwide. It is the, a website written in pure Tagalog or Filipino and has a running title of Sikat ang Pinoy. Sikat ang Pinoy means Filipinos are popular. Actually that's the nearest translation but the meaning in local sense is much deeper. It speaks of how the people of the country shows its strength of being one of the best on their fields. That's the reason why you will see on the site the different Filipinos who have given honor and dignity to the Philippines.

The site also contains some pinoy music videos and articles with a Filipino touch. Recipes and other stuff are plan to be included on this magazine-like site that focus on the culture and values of the Filipino people.

- oes tsetnoc contribution to the Filipinos world wide.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather the Inevitable Fight on March 2010

Finally, there's a date for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather megafight. It is scheduled on March 13, 2010. Both of them agreed to that and you know why? Its because of the $25 million share for both of them, win or lose. That's right they have the big bucks already and its guaranteed. Since a lot of fans around the world is expecting it, it will be a tremendous fight and will be the richest fight ever. However, the arena where Pacquiao and Mayweather will be fight is still under negotiations.

More of this fight update later when I find time to update this site. I am still busy with things such as the oes tsetnoc competition and other stuff. For now, all I could say for Pacquiao, you can do it man!

Oes Tsetnoc Final Discussion

Its the 6th of December and I have 9 days left before the final result of the oes tsetnoc search engine optimization competition and this is the reason why I made this post. I would like to discuss something about the competition and its overall effect to the host. The competition is made to test the skills of the entrants and at the same time the host is benefiting from this challenge. This is because they are gaining massive amount of quality high ranking links and this will make their sites to rank well on the search engines. However, the drawback or the negative effect of this that will come after the competition is that it is sure that participants who did not win will surely remove this backlink.

In the end, it will be a temporary popularity for the host but what is so nice about it is they gain a permanent good reputation which can't be removed even the competition already ends. Aside from that during the period (and even after) the competition, the hosting site will surely gain massive amount of direct and indirect traffic which will boost their Alexa ranking and number of web hits.

In our end, for the participants, we will have backlinks too with what we have done because of the motivation on making our oes tsetnoc sites rank. However, the problem is that a lot of participants are penalized and marked as spam because of their unethical practices which is a bad reputation on their case. For myself, I know that I am practicing the ethical techniques that I have known but I also know that some of the opponents are doing some "fishy things" and I am sure that I will be "infected" by others doing. Well that's the risk of engaging to this kind of challenges. I decided to join and I need to face the consequences of this decision.