Watch Final Destination 4 3D HD Trailer

The latest installment of the death chasing movie entitled Final Destination will be seen by fans all over the world this coming August. This upcoming movie is one of my favorite horror / suspense / thriller movie. Now DEATH is more creative in fullfilling the destiny of the story to all their dooms. The Final Destination 4 surrounds on the premonition of death in the race track as the main character Nick O' Bannon saw their horrifying death cause by the series of accidents on the race track.

What is so different with the current movie to its previous parts is that the movie was made in high definition 3D so that you will enjoy the thrill of ride of death as one by one the characters are killed in different kinds of gruesome deaths. Now, the said movie released a high definition trailer and if you want to watch it here's the trailer:

Final Destination 4 Trailer


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