Great News: Pacquiao agreed to fight Hatton

Finally after some delays to the final decision of Pacquiao regarding his fight against reigning Ring Magazine Welterweight holder Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao agreed to fight him this coming May 2. Everyone was so disappointed or sad when he announced a couple of days ago that he will not fight with Hatton instead he will pursue his Political Science course. However, after some negotiations and discussion they have made with Hatton's camp, Bob Arum successfully convinced Pacquiao with regards to continue the battle called: Pacquiao vs. Hatton. The contract stated that made him agreed is that he will received a 52% share on the pay per view earnings of the fight plus he is guaranteed to take a $12 million cash.

This will be definitely another hell of a fight for the Filipino boxing champion. I am so excited to watch this fight between them and I hope Pacman will be consistent with his game and let Hatton taste his punches. With Hatton, well I hope he give Pacquiao a nice fight to watch, try to make it very exciting not disappointing. Good luck to this two great fighters and let us ready to rumble this coming May 2009!


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