Bleach Movie: Diamond Dust Rebellion

I have just finished watching the 2nd movie of Bleach which is entitled Diamond Dust Rebellion. Actually it was available last Thursday but since I am busy with my captivating Capiz activity and's birthday, I was not able to watch it only until this morning. I am really happy that this movie was made available. I was expecting it to be seen by next year but luckily Dattebayo released it. I am already excited with the upcoming 3rd Bleach Movie which is the Fade to Black (Kimi no Na o Yobu) which is I think will be shown in Japan by December.

Here's some of the screen shot of the Diamond Dust Rebellion Bleach Movie:

The story surrounds on Toushirou and his fight against another wielder of the same Zanpaktou Hyourinmaru.


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