Naruto Quote that Inspire Now!

I have finished watching Naruto's latest episode and I have taken another quote from him that really inspire me to pursue with my different plans in life. Here's the quote:

"I can't give up! If I keep walking without ever stopping, I'll make it to you!" - Naruto

This is what he said when he's training on a new technique for the purpose of pursuing Sasuke. I really like the words used for subbing the said episode. It contains simple sets of phrases that can be used to motivate one self to continue pursuing and doing anything it can to succeed or to reach what someone wants. It's a gold mine quote for me. I really love anime it shows an unreal world but speaks of reality of life.

(I am using it right now with a certain competition: Cebu Seo Contest, and I am expecting that this attitude will make me win)


*Kii-Chan* said...

Wow, I completely Agree with you 100%!! Naruto has so many life lessons. That anime has certainly changed my life for the better!
^-^ Now If only I can get others to see that too...

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing quote, I really love Naruto the show and i always want to find the inspiring quotes!
its one of the best shows ever, always giving amazing life lessons. I just love it!

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