Sulumits retsambeW = Webmaster stimuluS

Sulumits retsambeW, what is this phrase all about? It is actually an inverse value of Webmaster Stimulus. It is the current phrase to be targetted by members and SEO practitioners all over the world. I participated to the competition but I am not actually expecting to win because I am still working a lot of projects in hand and I only might do something about it later if I can find time for it. For now, I will stick with my projects and try to hold my stand on the other competition that I am joining which is Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009, which I wasn't able to focus for quite sometime now because of the same reason.

Later I will try to discuss in detail about this sulumits retsambew event. So stay tuned readers on my next post.


tnomeralc web design toys blogger said...

Bleuken welcome to the Sulumits Retsambew contest. You entry has been indexed in Google,. Hope you will soon catchup in this contest with your SEO Skills. Best of Luck !!

Montana Real said...

Good day,

So sorry for the intrusion. I just want to gather some views and learn more. Also I want to invite you to my seo contest hosted on my blog I am new to blogging and hoping you could share any comments and suggestions. Negative or postive comments are very much welcome. I have facebook link on my blog, please have time to view my profile. As a pay of respect, I already submitted your link to my account.

Thank you and have a good day. Good Luck.

Rusty Squire

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