Mealworms, A Good Source of Protein

Do you know that lack of protein in your body will cause a real serious health problem? That is right that is why it is beneficial that you consume enough protein in your diet. Some good source of protein are meat, eggs and other dairy products. Aside from that do you know that their is an organism that is a good source of protein and different kinds of vitamins? I am referring to the organism with a scientific name, Tenebrio molitor L, mealworms. These are cultured organisms that are used as raw materials for breads, noodles, condiment and other dishes. Its natural composition of the organism makes it a real good source of different kinds of elements that will benefit the body of whoever takes it.

Mealworms can be also used as feeds for your pets as part of their dietary requirements. Pet such as cat, dog, goldfish, bird, frog, turtle, scorpion, chilopod, ant, shrimp, wild animals or some other singularity animal and livestock. There is another organism that is almost the same with mealworms but have higher protein content, which are the superworms (Zophobas morio).


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