Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 End of March Update

I think I can't win the search engine optimization for the key phrase Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. It seems that I can't make all of my entries rank higher than it should be. My opponents for the said key phrase were all gained a backlinks that is so powerful that I can't manage to lift my entries up to the result pages. Each day of my Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blogging seems to affect my entries negatively or maybe the links bombing the other entrants are overwhelmingly forceful that I can't surpass them. Well if that's the case I can't do about it. I am just waiting for the conclusion of the competition so I could move on to the next level.

As of today, Green team are leading the first to 3rd rank of the challenge. Other participants who claimed that they are from different schools are trying their best to bring down the entries. Now with regards to my entries, I found out that they keep on dropping and it seems that its performance is incurable. Which mean that I can't do anything to reverse the result. Right now in unofficial leaderboard and regular search syntax for the key phrase Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009, my position on the result pages is on rank #8, #9 to #10. Its quite disappointing right? But it shows that it lacks a lot of effort to make it number one.


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