No More Hassles in Reporting

One tasks that really consumes a lot of time in an office is the preparation of expense report. Specially if it is done manually and in bulk mode. Manually in a sense that only uses an electronic spreadsheet to encode all transactions made. What also makes it not so easy to prepare is because of the collection of the receipts involving the said each transaction as should be reflected on the report. Actually these hassles can be avoided if the company will simply use an expense report software to deal on these tasks. provides such service in easy steps. You simply subscribe for any account, Corporate or Personal depending on the scale of your need. Their system allows you to implement travel policy and prepare the expense report in 3 easy steps. They also provide a good facility in allowing you to conveniently and securely save their receipts on their servers without installing any software on your PC or buying a server for your company. You can simply send it to their system via your phone, email attachment or even via the traditional fax machine. This then let you retrieve them whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere!

Here's a recent video containing the features and overview of the role and function of the said system to your company. As per release by Certify:


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