Mayweather vs Marquez: A Fight for Pacquiao Match

That's correct! Floyd Mayweather Jr. will come back in the world of boxing with a boxing match against the Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez. This was Mayweather's announcement just right after Pacquiao won the Pacquiao vs Hatton match last May 2 in Las Vegas Nevada. He is claiming that since he is still undefeated and he is still the king of the ring and not Manny Pacquiao. That's the reason why Marquez will be dealing with him this coming July 2009 in the MGM Grand arena. This Mayweather vs. Marquez match is a passage to the next fight of Manny Pacquiao and everyone will surely look up into it and that includes me.

I will try to watch this online or even offline to see who's really the worth fighter to match the skills and prowess of the reigning and active boxer Pacman. Who will be the next victim that will be kissing the floor? Will Mayweather stand a chance against Marquez or other way around? Will they be one of them is worthy opponent? Let see their performance on their upcoming fight and as a boxing fanatic, I want to see the next opponent for the People's champ!


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