Why a lot of people prefer shag rug or wool rugs?

There are so many kinds of rugs in the market that you can buy today? All of them are made in different materials and the most preferred by a lot of interior designers and home owners today are area rugs that are made from natural fibers from plants. This is due to the fact that a lot of people are aware of the significant implications of using synthetic materials to the environment. Actually the government have been active lately in promoting "green products" to its constituents to patronize and explain the benefits that it can provide to the current and future generations.

One of the natural rugs that a lot of people use are the wool rugs and shag rugs(read the origin of shag/wool rugs). This is because of the elegant appearance of the rug at the same time it is weaved from natural fibers which is inline with the green movement of the country. Aside from that, people can choose from different style of rugs from Persian wool rugs to Euro shag rugs which are all known for their elegant, warm feel look.

How about you, do you prefer natural fiber rugs for your house?


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