Excited with the Pacquiao vs. Cotto Match?

Its almost a month and a week prior to the match awaited Pacquiao vs. Cotto match this coming November 14, 2009 in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. I am really excited already on what will happen with the said match. It seems that Cotto is too big for Pacman but Pacquiao seems not giving some space for him to take a shot of the champion.

As I said, I will watch Cotto vs. Pacquiao and will witness a history in the making in the heart of Las Vegas. I will see who will be crowned as the best of the best pound for pound. I don't know if in case Pacman wins this match, who will be his next opponent. I would love to see him fight Mayweather. Of course Cotto will not give an easy fight for him and if in case Cotto will win, it will surely lift up his rank from the best boxers of the world list.

How about you, will you watch the Pacquiao - Cotto fight? Oh well you should!


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