Sulumits Retsambew Stuff

A lot of websites lately are talking about the phrase called "sulumits retsambew." Its the term that they keep on explaining on every single word and sentences that they are publishing online. A lot of them are defining it and explaining the origins of such phrase. However, there are few of them who can really explain its meaning, objectives and mission to the world wide web. Like Benj's Sulumits Retsambew, wherein he explained it in a very honest way and in detail. Despite he is too busy on his different stuff still he manages to do something for his website to inform the world about sulumits retsambew's meaning and purpose.

He even utter the question "Can Sulumits Retsambew Magic Happen in 31 Days?" on his blog containing some slight uncertainties if he can still do some great works to make his sulumits retsambew voice be heard by the world. Well, I think he can! He is Benj and he isone of the best that you can think of.


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