Where to Watch Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15?

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15Do you want to watch for Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15: Death Takes a Holiday episode as much as I do? You just can't yet! It is not yet aired on CWTV and it will be on March 12 I guess. The current episode running on television today is only a replay of several episodes of the season. I am excited actually to watch this one because I am so intrigued with the synopsis and the theme of the recent episodes. Imagine the Death or the Reaper just got trapped by someone and death was not served to those whose time are already up. What a weird story right? Sam and Dean will definitely give another great adventure to their fans as they investigate this case in a town where a lot of freaky accidents happen but the victims just can't die.

I am a fan of this Supernatural episodes and one of my collection as a collector DVD series is their all season of episodes. The story and the action plus the suspense are just lovely! Ah I need to wait for several weeks before the recent episodes. Well need to wait!


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