Pacquiao Cotto Countdown Begins

It's almost less than 2 weeks before the most exciting boxing event of the year, Pacquiao vs. Cotto. A fight will be a world breaking record for Pacquiao or a defense for Cotto's title. A lot of buzzing and news were roaming around the web and it seems that almost all the people around the globe are on the standby mode and preparing themselves for the fight to begin. Tickets were sold out and TV subscriptions were a box office hit. The people of the Philippines and Puerto Rico were preparing their emotions and even mark their calendars for the said fight. Even the time of both countries are far different with each other, it is sync in a way that both viewing will be the same.

I am planning to cover the said fight here by providing link information about where to watch the Pacquiao Cotto fight online. I like to watch the fight too and so be back on the fight night. I am sooo *uck!n8 excited!!!


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