Who is Kira?

While looking for the latest news over the net about anime, tv series, latest pinoy scandals :D, celebrity scandals and any thing about movies, I've read a news about Edison Chen's latest sex scandal.

There's a character on the said sex scandal named "Kira", the person responsible to spread of this sex scandal. When I first saw this name, I remember that this name was used by a lead character from an anime, specifically "Death Note". Kira was the code name of Light Yagami from Death Note. As I far as I can remember, Kira (Kira means 'killer' in English word) on the film, anime was killing people for "justice." Kira kills people that committed several crimes and people he considered to be sinner but in the end Kira started to kill innocent people on the movie. On the other hand this "Kira" that is connected to this sex scandal of Edison Chen's is really different. He is not killing people, but instead he makes them suffer. He destroy the life of other people. Personally, I don't agree to this kind of foolishness. Privacy of people should be respected. There's no justification to what that "Kira" did. Well, life is really cruel!

For the information of other anime fanatics, in Bleach there is a Kira character. That is Kira Izuru, the shinigami which posses "Wabisuke" (means "Apology"), a sword that changes to a large, squared off crane and doubles the weight of anything that it hits. But this Edison Chen's "Kira", does not double the weight of any thing it hits but it makes everything it hits gently deteriorating. Well, damage has been done, it will take a lot of time before the "deterioration" stops!

Edison Chen, just pray!


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