Anime I have watched

The following are the list of anime I've already watched. I'm done watching them but some I'm still watching the episodes. It's not that many because as I said to my previous posts, anime is not that really available in shops in our place, I need to download them or watch them on Youtube:
  1. Samurai X. I'm done with this, from TV Episodes, Movies and its OVA.
  2. Ghost Fighter. I watched this on TV.
  3. Flame of Recca.
  4. Dragon Ball Z. There's a dragon ball saga that was not able to watched. I think its the Legendary Saiyan, the time when Goku changed into ape.
  5. Get Backers. I'm already in Season 2 Episode 38
  6. Naruto. All the movies and TV episodes and still watching the latest Naruto Shippuden
  7. Bleach. All the movies too and current TV episodes.
  8. Shaman King. I was not able to finish the whole volume but I plan to watch it when i have time.
  9. Law of Ueki. Done with this.
  10. Yugio-OH GX - Season 1 only, I don't have recent episodes.
  11. Yugio-OH. I've watched some of its episodes on TV and I keep on looking for it on DVD. Still searching for it.
  12. Trigun. Done.
  13. Tenjo Tenge. Done.
  14. Basilisk. Done even the Movie adaptation.
  15. Death Note. Only the movie, DN1 & DN2 movies only.
Well that's it for now. I'll keep on listing I can't remeber the title of other anime I have watched. Well later!


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