Sources of Anime

I really love to watch anime and I really like to have a collection of this anime. The problem is the availability of this anime in our place. There's no store or shop here in my place that sells anime movies. So for me to watch my favorite anime, I frequently download it from difference sources in the internet or sometimes watch it on Youtube.

Now, I've listed here several sources of my favorite anime. Here they are:

1. Dattebayo FanSub. This is one of my regular place visited for downloading Bleach and Naruto Shippuden episodes. This is a site that put subtitle on different anime and what i like with this place is it's free. Actually I first visited this website through Bleach Portal. URL:

2. Bleah Portal.Net, when it comes to Bleach sources, from manga, wallpaper, fan art to latest tv episodes, this site is number one for me. URL:

3. Saiyaman.Info, now if you're looking for Raw Anime video (which mean no sub anime) this site contains almost every latest popular anime in the circulation. URL:

Well that's it for now!


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