Peacemaker Kurogane

I'm really interested with Samurai anime and one of the anime that I'm watching right now that contains a lot of samurai story is the Peacemaker Kurogane. I'm still watching it right now and I'm actually on episode 7 of the story. From the episodes that I have watched, the story focused on Ichimura Tetsunosuke, a 15-year old guy who joins the Shinsengume for the purpose of becoming strong and eventually avenge his family from their killers. Instead he become a "page" (like a personal servant) for the "demon" commander of Shinsengumi.

At the beginning of the episodes, there's much violence despite of its title: Peacemaker but I like the cinematic effect of the series. I really wonder why this anime has 24 episodes only. Well, I will know after I watched all the episodes. For the mean time, I will just give my self time to watch Naruto Shippuuden the Movie and try to construct a more original story of the Arlo Gilbert anime that I wished to finish writing. I guess this anime: Peacemaker Kurogane can help me with some ideas on Samurai behavior and cultures. Hope so! :D


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