Why I don't read Manga?

I really love anime a lot. If someone will give me a gift, I will prefer a anime video rather than any gift they have on their minds. Despite this likings, I prefer watching them animated rather than the static version of the anime on "manga". Manga is the japanese version of the comics and print cartoons. Usually this manga of a certain anime series are published online and more advance rather than the animated TV series. A friend of mine actually is very fond of this manga.

Me, I'm sometimes attracted to read it but I stopped myself from doing so. It is because manga episodes are usually spoiling the moment of my excitement on the anime tv series and I don't like it being spoiled. I want to maintain the element of surprise on the story that's why I hate someone spoiling it for me. Well maybe I will consider reading manga, if the anime I really like is only available on this medium and there's no way I can have it on video.

With regards to the entries on my Busby SEO Challenge, I always spoil the moment by viewing the results on Google and bookmarked it and frequently viewing it, almost everyday! I can't stop it, I want to see if their something happening with the things I have done with the challenge. Maybe I will try to surpress my feeling of excitement of this Busby SEO challenge and rest in viewing it so that I can still feel the element of surprise for this. Well, if I can help it! :D


Ria said...

I never read manga, but I love anime though, and I'm sure why that is. I guess the reason why I don't read it is because I feel like I'm reading a comic book, and I've never been into them. However, when I watch an anime show, I don't feel like I'm watching a cartoon, I feel like I'm watching a regular tv show. Now there is some anime that reminds me of cartoons, like pokemon. Boy, did I have to suffer through that stuff when my daughter was into it.

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