Where to watch Naruto Shippuden if...?

Do you know where to find a video Naruto Shippuden episodes and movies? Of course you will immediately answer Youtube, VEOH, Dailymotion or any other video hosting websites. But do you also know that Dattebayo is subbing Naruto's episodes for quite a long time now? What if Dattebayo drops or stops subbing of Naruto, will it be released on the net for us to download and watch it later? The answer is NOBODY has that dedication and competence other than Dattebayo to do a decent subbing like of Naruto and Bleach.
Naruto Shippuden Movie: Bonds
When they announced the other week that they will drop the subbing, a lot of Naruto fans where really alarmed about this. I'm one of them who were shaked by this announcement even I have the feeling that this is another YHBT (You Have Been Throlled) effort of the fansubbing group. My guess is right that it is YHBT again because this week they release episode 67 but still fans don't know if the announcement will really become real. One reason that the fansubbing group for Naruto point out about why they are really about to drop it, is that they make their subbed available on Youtube which they don't want to happen.

If in case they drop it, it will be a great lost to the Naruto community from different part of Asia and other continents who love the anime. My advice, anime fans alike, let us support Dattebayo by following whatever they want on how to acquire the Naruto Shippuden episodes. This will give them enough reason to continue with their noble deeds and we continue enjoying their works.


Anonymous said...

i agree why does people upload stuff like episodes of naruto where they can download it for free at DB one way still i dont agree if those suckers continue to upload naruto to those video hosting sites i fear the worse IT COULD BE REAL THAT DB WILL DROP NARUTO

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