Another DB Throll or For Real?

Dattebayo announces last Friday that they will drop fansubbing the anime Naruto Shippuden. This was announced in relation with not releasing Naruto last Friday. The statement sounds so real and citing the reasons for doing the said dropping. One issue that Dattebayo raised was they are really disappointed to Naruto Fans for uploading their subbed video to leading video hosting sites like Youtube and Myspace.

This announcement was done already several times but DB keeps on releasing subbed Naruto episodes despite this announcement. Actually last Friday, they can't really release the latest episode because the latest episode will be aired this coming Thursday and possibly released on the net by Friday. My guess is that this is another YHBT gimmick of DB and I'm hoping that it is. It is because I really like their fansubbed and I can't find any fansubbing groups that handle Naruto episodes. Let us just wait until this coming airing time of Naruto if they are really dropping it for real.


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