Great News Regarding Busby

I thought this blog will not even reach the top 100 of the Busby+SEO+Challenge keyword on the Google SERPs. When I check it today guys, I have finally entered the top 100 (i think I'm on page 8). Even it's too far from the winning page well at least I maneuver it to be inserted on the Busby Web Solution's leaderboard. This position might be refelected by tomorrow's leaderboard update (I hope!) so I'll just wait until it is posted.

My activity for the coming day, will be one watching the latest episode of Bleach which is the continuation of the special episode last week wherein Ichigo will be fighting with the Assassin with Illussion Mirror Sword. The next one will be the download of the special episode of Naruto Shippuden which will be available this coming 4th of July. Lastly, I will still hope and optimized my SEO entry on Busby SEO Challenge. I will give my last shot and decide by the end of the month if I will still continue with this one.


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