Srednarb Promo Update

It's been a month now since the released of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb race of search engine optimizers and I am one of those who participated to the said test of skills and wit. This involves a big money this Christmas and every single optimizer from the country will surely get involved on this. Some our doing their normal and traditional stuff in promoting their websites. Some are using some "secret techniques" in link building strategies. On my part to be honest with you, with this kind of making money online stuff through a competition, it is too hot for me to handle. Why? There's a lot of hindrance that affects my full blast attention to this kind of activity. One of them is my lack of quality websites to link my said entry. I have established a single website a 6 months ago but it is not enough for me to support my entries. Unlike the other entrants who have a lot of big time search engine optimization website machines that can handle vast amount of boosting powers to push their site entries to the top of the rankings.

What I am hoping right now is for me to at least win consolation prizes so it could pay to the daily expenses that incur because of this activity. Right now, I am having fun looking for stuff that is related to promotional items and corporate gifts and even the word "srednarb". I am learning new things that might be useful for me later. For now, I will go on with my "making money online" venture. By the way in relation to this competition, I uploaded a video made by a friend related to promo items. Here's the funny but simple animation:


Promotional Items said...

Here are some promotional items currently available that will appeal to the women in your audience:

1. Cosmetics bags – with more women on the go and traveling, cosmetics bags can be a big hit! Depending on where these bags are used, you may get many different people looking at it and seeing your business logo. This is especially true with women who work out at the gym, then get ready for work right in the locker room.

2. Compact mirrors – every woman can always use a little mirror that will fit in her purse or tote bag. Whether she uses it to reapply makeup or to fix her hair after being in the wind, a compact mirror is always handy and useful. Add your company name and logo to the flip top and you have a wonderful advertising tool.

3. Lip balm – whether in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, lip balm is applied constantly by women to keep their lips from cracking and becoming rough. Have some promotional lip balm at the next function you attend and see how quickly it is grabbed up and appreciated!

4. Manicure sets – women can rip a nail anywhere, at any time. Having a small, portable manicure set will not only be come in handy when this happens, but it will advertise your company each and every time it is taken out of a purse or desk drawer.

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