Supernatural 4.04: Metamorphosis

Sam Winchester and Ruby was caught in the act by really disappointed Dean Winchester. This is the picture of Sam when he was informed by Dean that even the Angel don't want him to continue with his "dark path" that he is going. With this episode, the story emphasizes the possibility of Sam's demon blood problems. The episode shows a paradigm of the Sam's transformation to an unknown being later. The question right now is will Dean can stop or will stop Sam if in case he change to something evil?

The sad part here is that Sam felt really devastated seeing the reality that he can't brushed off or take off the blood that has been injected to him. It seems that he can't get out with it. But what I like with the story is how they focus on "CHOICE". Even the power possessed by Sam is an evil in nature, he chooses to use it in good cause. More of Supernatural later from Busby SEO Test group.


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