Busby SEO Test - The Legend Continues

Before I start with the "Legend of Busby SEO Test" narration of my experiences, let me ask the regular readers of my blog (if there's any) to give some consideration on this post. You might wonder why I am writing about the said topic that is not related with the theme of the blog. I am asking for your understanding. I need this to do to conduct a little experiment on search engine optimization. This is in connection with the last October 1st announcement of Busby Web Solutions regarding the release of the 2nd World Cup Search Engine competition. I hope this message will clear this blog to my readers. So let us start with the fictional story of the beginning of the adventures of a challenger from the pearl of the orient country for the "Busby SEO Test". Here it goes:

When I met Busby, I thought he is not different with the others I've met that are specialists of deceptions and lies. I guess I was wrong about him. I said it so because anything that he said are really true and all are put in action. Maybe that's the reason that this guy is really popular in his place. He is no samurai that commits "harakiri" to prove novelty but he do noble things that makes him pass the test of time. He introduces to the people of his country the concept of search engine optimization or SEO. This is still a foreign word for his countrymen but still he try to explain it to them with eagerness and patiently. He undergo a lot of criticism but it does not let him stop to continue with this kind of SEO Test.

Eventually Busby SEO Test concept spreads through out the cyber system of his country. He was known to become the initiator of this concept that helps other people understand better the workaround of the cyberspace. He did change a lot of lives in his place. If I am actually the government I will give him a plaque of appreciation and undying heroic for his countrymen. I just don't know if the government understands the term SEO at all. Oh well, kudos to you Busby and may you live longer and continue spreading the words.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance or sameness of the story to any people, events or whomever or whatever is not purposely made by the author and all are coincidental. The author does not intend to hurt or offend anyone nor to describe someone. This is just a product of his wild "Busby SEO Test" imagination and purely for the Worldcup SEO Competition. In case you have seen this article posted anywhere on the web, it is most likely scraped or stolen without my permission. Please report it to me as soon as possible, if you care.


Busby SEO Test Taker

Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge

Update on this entry: It raised up to top 100 after a month of being invisible. This could be a nice sign for it, there are so many possibilities that will happen. So just stay tune because I might have a chance to achieve it.


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