Trying the Busby SEO Test Again...

It's the 2nd of October and its been about a month after the previous Busby SEO Challenge world cup competition and the installment of this humongous test of SEO skills and powers was announced yesterday. Many of the previous participants of the competitions started changing the title and keyword tags of their website for the new Busby key phrase, and that is "Busby SEO Test". That's why I started changing mine too because I will try my luck again to this very honest, clean and prestigious SEO event in the planet.

For those who are not yet familiar with the said competition, Busby SEO contest is produced and organized by Busby Web Solutions - an Australian company that caters different web services on the net. The said test will be very difficult for me since only one keyword was changed from the previous one so those who ranked high on the previous leg will surely be ranking high again and it is hard for me to catch-up with them. If I can then I will definitely sacrifice a lot of things such as my time of my anime watching will be decreased and I will be one day delayed in watching Supernaturals and Bleach episodes. I am saying this because this was my experience on the previous SEO test I have undergone. Well as saying goes, "you lose some, you gain some!", but if I can gain anything why not!


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