How to earn money online for beginners / NOOBs

Are you a starting blogger who wants to earn money online? Do you wonder how other bloggers or plain net surfers make money online? Well, I will give you some simple ideas on how to do earning the easy to hard way. Let start the series of my tips and advices with the easiest way of earning money online.

One of the easiest way to earn money online is through PTC or pay to click websites. PTC pays you by simply clicking websites of their advertisers. The usual rate of per click is $0.01 (1 cent). Actually, there are lot of these websites online but some of them are scam and fake that asks for money before you earn. PTC websites that I will feature today does not require any payments or registration fee to earn from them. Here are the basic questions and their answers to go with this earning areas of PTC:

Q. How to start with this kind of venture? Answer. PTC usually requires you to have a PAYPAL account because they made their payments through this method. If you want to start with PTC, you should have an account on Paypal. To register, click Paypal Registration here. Some PTCs only accepts ALERT PAY, to register click ALERTPAY registration.

Q. Where can I start from earning now? Answer. Start registering to the following PTCs as a starter. For other PTCs, try visiting this site later because I will list other PTCs that I have tested and proven but for the meantime register with the following site to start your Pay-to-Click career:

Register here to earn $0.01/click with a minimum pay-out of $9.00

*Minimum Pay-out refers to the minimum amount of earning you can withdraw from your PTC accounts.

Good luck and start earning right now!


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