How did I make money online via Adsense?

I started blogging last year and I don't care about if I earn or not but when I see that my Adsense earnings started to rise and received the first "cheq" of my life from Google Adsense, I started to feel that it is about time for me to earn it because I deserved it. It also increases my interest when I read about how I could better make money online, faster and higher earnings.

For instance, you have 10 active blogs and each blogs were equipped with Google Adsense and earning at a minimum of $1.00/day (worst possible earning) so it means that in one day you will earn $10/day, $300/month and $3,600/year. See how big you can earn from it. Then for the next few months you will not do anything but will earn only specially when you already built a reputation on the net. Try blogging right now and install that adsense on your site.


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean $3600 per year?

bleu said...

Thanks whoever you are! I just corrected the miscalculation. I am really getting rusty with multiplications :)

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