Barack Obama Documentary, Where to Watch?

After a decisive win of Sen. Barack Obama on the presidential race in America, a documentary film is about to shoot for this first ever black president of US. Do you know where to watch this Obama Documentary? I want to watch this one and see more on the new president of America. It will be available in HBO which is produced by actor Edward Norton, Stuart Blumberg and Bill Migliore. The said Barack Obama documentary will composed the events shot from the early 2006 when he was still a Senator and up to the date of his victory against Republican John McCain.

The said documentary will be shown to the public in HBO by early next year. What I am hoping right now is that after they exclusively released it, I hope that they make it available online. Maybe via Youtube or Dailymotion or any other video hosting so that anyone from the world wide web can watch this very interesting life that gives new inspiration to American people. I will definitely embed it here and to my other blogs to share it to all the people in the world. - bleuken


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