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Legend of the Seeker is the TV series version of the book "Sword of the Truth" by Terry Goodkind. Several episodes of this series have been released already. Previous episodes to the current episode entitled "Bounty". Watch the Legend of the Seeker on the this website that I have found that contains all the series that have been shown on the web. (which can be found here).

Some reviews states that the said TV Series stories were not fully followed on the original book source. Watch it for yourself and leave your comments here regarding the series.


Anonymous said...

Of course the TV series doesn't follow the book exactly, page for page, word for could it?
So far, however, I must say I think they've done a pretty decent job with this and I hope it'll last another 7-8 seasons beyond this first oen. Certainly the material is there for it to run that long.

richard said...

since no one knows richards father and he's produced two extraordinary children, dosen't it make sense that he must have been a powerful wizard himsef!! therefore, would not richard soon get some of his power, not just the ability to fight well? he'll need more than the sword to defeat his foe. grandfather a wizard father a wizard when will he receive his quicking to awaken what lie dormet in his body, then he could be with Kalan, would make a teriffic plot and add more suspense and action, will he ever meet char's people, the one who saved him from the arrow maybe a love romance could be developed there! would add more drama between richard and kalan!!! just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hey richard,
what episode does Char save richard from an arrow? And who was
Char anyway?

Anonymous said...

Darken Rahl should be killed of in season one!!!! lots of other good stuff to follow, thats just the begining!!!!

anonymous said...

Wow ok. So the miniseries sucks compared to the books. Seriously, they are so far off from how the books are written. I am disappointed. Richards dad is supposed to be Darken by the way. Unless they screwed that up to.

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