How did I earn via SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the first concept that introduce me to money making scheme online. I studied it and start earning. My first earning came from a contest that I have won where I got a small prize of $75 for optimizing my blog for a certain keyword. In return, my blog established big fat backlinks making it have a high PR. That's when someone advice me to monetize it through Pay Per Post (PPP). It is because PPP favor those blogs with higher PR and great backlinks. I've earned several dollars for it but I have stopped since Google doesn't like this kind of PPP scheme and to avoid G penalties. Some of my colleagues are still into it and keep on earning right now.

The next thing that I've done with my SEO skills that I acquired from my experience on different SEO contests (such as PMT Contest, Busby SEO Challenge, Busby SEO Test and other) is I focus on a certain niche (topic or target market) and earn from it through Google Adsense. Right now, I am trying to boost my earnings on it. I am converting the traffic that I am having from my high ranking pages to adsense gold. A friend of mine today actually earn an average of $25 because of his selected niche with my SEO help. He converted his advantage in terms of "SEO level" into cash. That is what important right now, converting your search engine advantage to a great source of earnings. How about you, are you earning from it already? If not study SEO now, you could start on one of my site regarding SEO at But beware, you might got addicted to it because you will see the financial freedom it can give.


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