Busby SEO Challenge from Anime Fan Point of View

Recently, I got this invitation that invites me to join the Busby SEO Challenge from a friend. I actually knew about this several weeks ago but I only received his email just yesterday. I have told to my self that maybe he read it late.

Now what can I say about this SEO challenge by Busby Web Solutions? All I can say is if in case that I will join this SEO challenge, it will really eat a lot of my time and will cause me to divert my attention out of my "anime collection", imagine I will be spending my online time trying to optimize the phrase so I can earn $5000. I know it's a big money and I actually want it at least it will help me with my expenses at home from electricity to my broadband bill but I think my SEO skills are not enough to make it to top ranks. Still I will join, for the sake of participation and proving to myself that I did learn from my previous SEO battles.

Busby SEO Challenge will be hot for three months and I think it will be a fight of SEO countries in the world that will lead to a conclusion. A conclusion that will tell if whose skill is better than anybody and who really knows the "secret algorithm" of Google.com. My problem with this challenge is that my keyboard was infested by small little ants that prevents me to type properly letters Q, A, Z, 1 which is really a big hindrance to article writing and anime reviews. Well, I might buy today a new keyboard to go on with my blogging career, LOL. This ants really annoys me, maybe this is the side effect of eating while watching anime. sigh

See how Google really affects everyone's lives? :D