Life After Busby

The final day of the conclusion of the Busby SEO Challenge is about to come. Several hours to be exact! The question right now that is running to all the mind of the participants and specially me are different questions? Questions such as: What will be the life after the Busby SEO Challenge? What changes that will possibly happen to the leaders of the contest? Will they become one of the richest man in the world? Will they give us tips or write an e-book to teach us what things to do to beat them later in SEO contests? Will the champion reveal their secrets?

Actually I have learn several things here in the contest. My SEO skills definitely change a little bit and I know that my entries don't have that "staying power" to stick and rise from its current position. I know that I lack something and I already discovered it. That is good cause I believe that "you can find your strength by identifying your weakness." What I will do right now after the contest will be to continue learning search engine optimization and then make use of the gift (which is an iPod Touch) that is might be shipped to me by Busby Web Solutions if in case I win the consolation prize which I am not sure if I can win it (I'm just optimistic on things - please give me an iPod).

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition and hope that you give us even half of your power used to beat us! For the meantime right now, I'll try to win the Cebu Seo Contest (local competition).


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