Busby Ceasefire

Peace everyone! I'm declaring today a temporary ceasefire for a moment on the Busby SEO Challenge to give way of Bleach's new episode 183. There's no special event happens but the conflict between shinigamis started and the new captain Amagai helps Ichigo solve his problem with the noble family of Kooji. Still more of it next week.

From the said episode, I decided to post the lyrics of the opening theme of the anime. It's quite interesting and give me inspiration with some aspect of my daily Busby and non-Busby activities. Here's the japanese and english lyrics directly from Dattebayo's japanese-english sub:

Onaji dorama wo nandomo miteru
I've watched the same drama unfold so many times

Kyou mo naa, sonna ki ga shiteta zutto
Today kinda... feels like I'm watching it again

Kimi ga waratte kureta shunkan ni
The instant you started smiling

atarashii sutori ga hajimatta
was then the new story began.

Chuuburari na aseta hibi ga
But I know the days will still

iruzuiteiku no ga wakattan da
be full of uncertainty and apprehension.

Saa, mabuta o akete
So open up your eyes,

Kodoku ni surigaeteta
and replace your loneliness with something more.

Nakushiteta yuuki wo kono te ni kakageyo
Find your lost bravery, and holt it up high!

Koraeteta namida ima omoidashita kara
I've finally remembered all the tears you've had to endure.

Kimi no te wo nigitte monogatari wa hajimaru
So we'll join hands, and a new story will unfold.
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