Busby SEO Challenge Anime Legend

The following Busby SEO Challenge anime story is mere work of fiction of the author. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, localities, competition or contests is entirely coincidental.

Here's the synopsis of the legend that nobody can forget and will never even remember: ( :D )

Busby SEO Challenge is an annual wood katana competition in the world of Kantenshin, a group of noble Janin in the south part of Gakotowa province in Panaj country. It is sword fight that does not require any blood to be spilled on the arena. They started this annual event during the period of SEO (Silenti Era Omenish = Era of Silent Janin War) to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of a sword fighter during the said era. This fighter was known on the place as Busby Kantenshin, great swords man that uses a double pointed katana. This katana is always placed on the back of Busby and only bring out of it sheath when in the heat of a fight. Busby special techniques are:
  1. Ninjinsu Busbysiu - a swift one hit strike made by drawing out the sword from the sheath without revealing the other point of the sword. This is usually used by Busby as his defensive stance against offensive opponents.
  2. Busby Kagenshintej -two hit strike by the two points of the sword hitting the vital points of the opponents will make him paralyzed on the first attack and then fatal on the second attack. He usually avoid this attack to prevent fatalities but when he can't handle his challenger very well he uses this with care making his opponent never fight again.
  3. Busby SEO Challenge secret sword technique - this is his hidden ace which is executed by him by making a very fast 360 degrees sword drawing. On the story it was used once and seen by one great opponent named Ngusibin Katneib who uses both psychic sword techniques and a trickster.
The heroic story of Busby SEO Challenge Legend surrounds on reminiscing the past of Busby, his companions, love interest and his part to the formation of tranquility of his country.

Anime Genre: A Blend of Action and Comedy.

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