Srednarb is Aging but Dropping

My promotional items corporate gifts srednarb websites are gaining domain age (3 months to be exact) but it still does not get the favor of the Big G search engine. It seems that it requires a lot of push before it can manage to strike the high ranking. My entry shows promising results on Yahoo but not in Google. It seems that it still lack some vital factors that will make it to pass the qualification of having a high rank. I am still waiting until the right time comes when my Srednarb website got the appropriate domain age and the right time to let it win.

For the information of those late readers, promotional items corporate gifts srednarb is a target keyphrase of the different optimizers from my country. The theme of the websites that should be used are business themes. It should focus on the merchandises used in business promotions and product endorsements. It is a campaign started to improve the visibility of this products on the internet today through search engines. Currently almost 27 websites were participated to this event.

Update: I misspelled the title of this post :) It is dropping and I don't know what's the problem with my methods. lately it rises again ;)


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