Clashing of Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Sites

My search engine effort is about to be clashed by the other entries of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb. I have seen some indication that my entries will be overtaken. Imagine with one month left, they have managed to rank high on the said phrase. This only shows there advance strategy or technique in doing this. I am not sure if they have used an ethical practice to make their sites rank very fast but I have a hunch that they did not. I understand that they have mentioned that they will use a certain methodology (which is I don't like to practice). I think it is a desperate measure to deal with the current situation of their sites. I am worried about this that I might not stand a chance against them. I am all alone with this and I am just hoping that this practice of them will not be allowed by Google. Honestly, I am already tired with the processes I have made for this promotional items corporate gifts srednarb key phrase competition and I don't know if I could still bring more tough fight for them.

Currently my entries were ranking at page one but with minimal traffic. Maybe this is the case because the content of site only shows a list of items and definition of the terms used for the said theme. Aside from that I am not a good designer of site which is the reason why I've used CSS free templates for the said static websites. Hope I could stay my entries on top. Well, if things goes well on this, I will be very thankful because right now I needed this so much because of some personal reasons that involves my family. I need a lot of luck and hope you give me with one.


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