Srednarb "Kangaroo Style"

After the phenomena that happened that I have mentioned on my post about the jump on srednarb ranking, I asked some of the entrants who applied the tactics and someone coined the word "Kangaroo Style" that he used to rank his promotional items corporate gifts srednarb entry fast and stable. It sounds funny but the guy got a real sense of humor in dealing with his tasks but really got an exceptional talent when it comes to search engine stuff. The said style let your site rank fast however a great possibility to be banned by search engines due to unnatural increase of backlinks in just a few days. Imagine he told me that through the style you can increase your backlinks to several thousand links which is really not natural. I am not practicing it because I am afraid that my websites will be shutdown for real. But I become interested with the tactics since I am open to new and any concepts that involves self-improvement.

Srednarb Promotional, one of my entry to the mentioned contest become very consistent with its natural rise on the search engines. I did not use any unethical practices but uses the natural link building strategy to make it rank properly. The site contains a list of common promotional items and corporate gifts that are used in marketing campaigns and advertising efforts of different businesses today. The site links to a site that sells the said merchandise. For more information about the site, you could visit the link as specified above phrase. Thank you!


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