CSI Gil Grissom's Quote

Gil Grissom ( Cebu Seo Contest )Today I watch one of the episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I am on the 6th season already and I have 7th and 8th season to catch up. I decided to watch the said TV series because I become tired with making articles about the Cebu Seo Contest, so I watch CSI for a change. Now, I like the episode that I watched specially the quote by Gil Grissom when he was offered promotion because of certain successful CSI lab tasks that affects a certain case where the Sheriff was personally involved. He refuse the promotion because he was contented already on what he is at the moment and he quote from Oscar Wilde which is "Ambition is the last refuge of failure"

That hit me a little because I am an "ambitious man". I dream and want to hit big. Maybe because I am not yet satisfied of what I am right now. I want more of what I have. I am not saying that I am greedy, my point is sometimes people needs to have an ambition to have direction. In the case of Gil Grissom well I can't compare myself to his position. He is very happy with what he have. Aside from that in CSI, Gil Grissom is a bachelor scientist who loves bugs, does not have wife and son. Unlike me, I have a lot of things to be considered because I know that I am not working or doing things for myself alone but for other people, for my family. Of course in the case of Gil Grissom, he likes to be promoted on his job not because of paying a favor but because he want to gain it because he is worth of having it. Success is very gratifying if you acquire it the right way and because you deserve it. Today it is just so hard to find person like him, they are little by little "die" everyday and started to become extinct. But if I will be given a chance to be one of the CSI, I want to be CSI Gil Grissom. :)


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