Busby Seo Challenge Climber

Busby SEO ChallengeWooh, its been a while since I updated my entry to Busby SEO Challenge competition. I have been busy for a while due to different activities that comes up. My entries are dropping dramatically and my opponents are aggressively doing the link building very fast. The fight is really hard for first timers like me. It is like that I am climbing a very steep mountain. I can feel the gravity and pressures brought by the snatching of positions. At the top of the ladder you will see a very close fight between big time rivals. It is between Pogung and Spearteam, Indonesia versus France.

On the other hand, some Filipinos is excelling and becoming visible on the ladder. Its like the Pinay Busby SEO Challenge entry is following the trails of the giants that is already at the top of Busby Seo Challenge mountain ranges. I wish that this entrant will not get lost during the "following" process. But, there is still hope for this fellow Filipino entry to rich the top but I am just praying that this entry will not lost its tracks and will not fall. Now, I am giving my full support to this one-man challenger from the Philippines. I will give my hand to lift him even a little. I hope that this Busby SEO Challenge that I will give him will help him climb higher. In return I will just ask the owner of the contest to link me back and help me with my Cebu Seo Contest entries. Good luck my man, if you win it will be the pride of our nation!


Hashim Bhati said...

My rank was 60 but now it will come down to 90.

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