Busby Paused for Cebu SEO Contest

Busby SEO Challengers and Anime lovers alike, have you gone to Cebu, Philippines? Maybe not yet, try going there and you will see how the place is so nice and the culture different to your place. Give it a try. The video shows the previous Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Aside from this event their is ongoing Cebu SEO Contest and I am also participating with it. I am trying to hit two birds in one stone using this blog but unluckily I can't hit Busby SEO Challenge and now I am trying this local SEO contest to grab it. One reason I also post this video of Cebu because I wish to go there again but I am really busy and financially not available to go there :D. Now, I will just go on with the Cebu SEO Contest and will try to fight more on the Busby SEO Challenge. I don't need luck right now, what I need a lot of backlinks! Weeh


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