Jabbawokeez Dance Group Is In the Philippines

Do you know that the Jabbawokeez, the dance group that is best known for having a mime and kabuki-style dance steps and won the 2007 Dance Crew in Us is now in the Philippines. That's right, they've just arrived this morning based on the news that I've read from Sikat Ang Pinoy news portal. The article said that the group which is composed of several skillful dancers including 4 pinoy dancers, will be performing this Sunday at ASAP - a noon time variety show in ABS-CBN in the Philippines.

Another thing that added is that this dancers will be performing with Kris Allen this coming February and will be staying here in the country for two months. Well, I like how this group dances and I am really impressed with the grace and art they deliver to audiences. How about you do you like their steps?


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