TV Series to Come Back this January 2010

Almost all of the series that I love to watch will be back this January 2010 and I am excited to see what lies ahead to these TV series. Here are the run down of the said series and opening episodes after their holiday break:
  1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - CSI Season 10 Episode 11 will be airing this coming Thursday, January 14, 2010 with an episode title "Sin City Blues." Its the CSIs vs. a mystery case and the scammers.
  2. CSI: Miami - CSI: Miami Season 8 Episode 12 will be showing its come back episode "Show Stopper" where the story revolves on the dark side of the pop star world. Air date is January 11.
  3. CSI: New York - CSI: NY Season 6 Episode 12 - Criminal Justice airs on January 13 surrounding with Mac Taylor's solving a crime involving a dead 18-year old girl.
  4. Supernatural - The Winchester brothers are back for some evil killing instincts as they continue their effort to kill Lucifer and end the Apocalypse. On Supernatural Season 5 Episode 11 - Sam Interrupted, Sam and Dean woke up in a mental institution. Is this just another Gabriel's trick or Lucifer's way of torturing the two brothers.
There are a lot of TV Series that you might want to watch this January and this list is just a partial of the said series. I will make another post about this adding maybe Fringe and Dollhouse.


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