Steiner Education in Maine

Merriconeag Official LogoIf I will be given a chance to let my children get a prestigious school, I will let them study on a Steiner education like those in Maine like the Merriconeag Waldorf School. Here are the reasons why:

* Waldorf Education Curriculum - it is based on the research on the child development conducted by Austrian educator and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) which fundamental concept is the recognition that each human being is a unique individual who passes through distinct life stages and that it is the responsibility of education to address the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each developmental stage.

* Facilities - Merriconeag Waldorf School has four state-of-the-art buildings: an Early Childhood Center, two classroom buildings housing Grades 1 – 8, and a Community Hall for student performances, assemblies and school-wide gatherings.

If in case my child will be enrolled on this institution, I am sure that he will grow to become a great man of the society. By the way I found this video from Merriconeag Waldorf School where the teacher teach French to 10th grade students:


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