The Fear of the Failure of Election 2010

I am one of those pinoy who is concerned about the outcome of the election 2010. With the different news and seems unpreparedness of the COMELEC for the computerization of the Philippines election 2010 makes it add to the fear that I feel about the possible result of this democratic practice. Imagine, news came up that government websites were hacked. Signal jammers were discovered recently, unnoticed by the NTC and the power in our place keeps on going out everyday. Power shortage, that's the reason of the source of electricity in our place.

Well this obstacle for practicing our freedom of choice might be dealt properly by the authorities. I hope so cause if not it will be a great devastating problem for every each Filipino in the country. Well let see what happens on the next few months and how the COMELEC will show their determination to make a new and nice place to live for every pinoy.


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