Sikat Ang Pinoy Ending and Two Hours before Pinoy Power 3

The sikat ang pinoy event that is initiated by is about to meet its end this 12 noon. Contestants from different part of the country have contributed a lot to the amazing test of skills to show the greatness and life of the Filipino on different fields. Despite the competition ends, still will be continuing its effort to share the good news about pinoy and bring back the honor and pride of the country by sharing stories that will surely inspire a lot of people.

Meanwhile, Pinoy Power 3 also known as Latin Fury 13 will be starting this morning at 10:30 am and I will surely watch it on TV. This is an opportunity for pinoy boxers to prove once again that we can dominate the world of boxing. Of course the, Mexican and Puerto Rican boxers will not permit this and will surely give a hell of a fight for Filipinos.

Let see what happens with this boxing showdown.


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