Yes Success! Now Busby

Whew, after several months of optimizing the contents of my two website for a certain SEO competition, I was able to successfully conquer it convincingly. I was declared as the overall champion on the said competition after I have maintained my position on the search engines. Now my next destiny will be to deal with the Busby SEO Test competition after I am done with my tasks assigned to my on my projects. I know that it is kind of late but I am still trying to do something to bag the highest ranking that I might possibly reach. I am tired and no rest for holidays but satisfied with the outcome of the mentioned event.

Well, let see what happens next after I optimized my entry to this prestigious international competition. If I see that my entry will rise after several tasks which I will do this week, then I will proceed to the massive and aggressive action to rush the current position and try to improve my #25 position. This is really a life changing decision but I am really determined to try my skills in a small remaining of time.


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