Therapy Toys for Kids

What is the most special gift that you have received during Christmas when you were a child? As far as I could remember, the only gift that made me very happy when I was a child was a toy car that I've received from my father. I really can't forget those moments! Do you know that the common gifts given to children during special occasions are toys? Yes, that's right! These toys when properly selected, can bring great improvement to children's motor skills and perceptual skills. Do you also know that according to different research, toys can be used as a crucial tool for child therapy? Here's an excerpt of an article from LA Toy Store that discuss about these facts about therapy toys:

... these toys are wooden and non-toxic, parents need not worry about their inquisitive kids putting harmful stuff in their mouth. The kind of wooden toys that parents select for their children depend on the child’s tastes and interests. The games that are bound to benefit kids include physical play, logical play, musical play, spatial play, and solo and team play.

There are several toys that are known to specifically help children with autism. These toys help improve language development, build strength, body control, coordination, motor and sensory regulation... read more


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